🧝in 1.9.2-alpha

Markdown Engine

Scribe customizes the output of the markdown engine a bit. It also sets this customized engine as the default engine for Eleventy, and uses it for the markdown filters.

It outputs valid XHTML, enables the “typographer” option, and allows for HTML in your markdown input.

Additionally, it adds several “admonition” blocks, similar to the concept in AsciiDoc.

When writing your markdown, an admonition looks like this:

This is some text that I want to have added impact.
I can also use _markdown formatting_ here--
even code


The admonitions available with Scribe are:

A note is an interesting observation or insight, but not necessarily something immediately useful.

A tip is an interesting and potentially useful digression on the current subject.

A warning describes something that, if ignored, could get the user into trouble.

Something important is…important. Something the user should be well aware if when moving forward.

Of course, the meaning of these is whatever you want them to be: The descriptions above are more like guidelines than actual rules. You can also add your own:

admonitions: [{ key: 'caution' }]

The admonitions are provided through the markdown-it-container plugin.