🧝in 1.9.2-alpha


Shortcodes are kind of like functions—they take in some arguments and return a string.

For these shortcodes, pass arguments as a JS object:

{% cl_img { path: 'folder/image.jpg', transforms: 'w_400' } %}

This allows us to allow for many arguments without requiring all of them to be specified.

Set up commonly-used sets of arguments in your frontmatter or elsewhere so you can easily reuse them!


This will return a url, appropriately constructed.



This will return an entire image element.


The img shortcode does only very elementary checks on your content to make sure it’s “good.” It does not attempt to make it “safe,” address XSS attack vectors, or even make sure you’re generating valid HTML.

The img shortcode is not a wrapper for the Cloudinary SDK’s image method. It uses the SDK’s url method to generate URLs, but gives additional options for specifying responsive attributes.